Boat Cruises

This is the perfect way to see game all along the river bank on both the Botswana and South African sides of the Limpopo River, including the magnificent hippos and crocodiles. If you go on a Sundowner Cruise, you’ll be hypnotised by the beautiful crimson sunset and its perfect reflection in the river, as you enjoy the relaxing atmosphere, wildlife, and beauty of Botswana.

Game Drives

Kwadiwa Ranch has excellent wildlife for our guests to discover, photograph and appreciate! You can go early in the morning to greet the game as the sun rises, or during the evening to spot nocturnal animals you wouldn’t normally see during the day. Your experienced guide will be sure to share his vast knowledge of the flora and fauna with you!

Game Walks

Our expert guide and tracker can take you on an exciting walk through the bush. You have the unique opportunity to see game without them being alerted by the sound of a car engine. Prepare yourself for amazing views and secret picturesque spots that can only be reached on foot, which you’re going to love!

Photographic Hides

Whether you are a professional photographer, or just someone who loves taking great wildlife shots, this is perfect for you! You have the opportunity to see the wildlife in a natural environment, without disturbance. Allowing for an up-close and personal view to take great photos and videos.


Detach from work and quench your thirst for adventure, if you decide to cast your line into the Limpopo River. Be outside and enjoy nature, on or next to the river. Will you catch a trophy fish? Something you’ve never caught before? Break your own personal record? Or catch anything at all? The unknown is enough to keep curious anglers coming back…

Bush Picnics

Whether it’s a romantic anniversary, family get together or a work-related picnic, we can customise the occasion to suit your unique needs. Regardless the occasion, you will be sure to enjoy great food, beautiful scenery and a relaxing atmosphere with the sounds of nature as your background music.


Our team-building activities are fun and motivational. They are designed to help strengthen bonds between members. Since teamwork requires collaboration and good communication, it encourages the development of deeper connections and better communication. Team-building is not only useful for companies to boost overall corporate morale, but also immensely beneficial for groups of friends or family wishing to strengthen their relationships and improve communication. 

Much More...

There are various options available to our guests, and these mentioned above, are just a few of them. We can, for example, also take you on Tuli-Block Excursions, Village Visits and exploring the Historic Ruins. Any special requests can be discussed with us prior to your visit and we will do our best to accommodate your unique needs!