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What You Should Know When Spending a Day with Us

Kwadiwa Ranch welcomes day visitors. In order for our resident guests and day visitors alike to get the best experience, we have some rules and regulations in place:

* Day visitors are welcome from 8am until 6pm

* We do NOT ALLOW own cooler boxes, food or drinks from outside. We have a fully licensed bar and restaurant to cater to all your food and beverage needs.

* Our noise policy applies to both resident guests and day visitors, our noise policy is as follows:

Our lodge is situated in a peaceful natural environment that is part of the atmosphere that we want our guests to enjoy. Therefore, we are very conscious about noise levels. Loud music, shouting/screaming and rowdiness will not be tolerated.

  • Should a person/company book the entire facility for an event/wedding, we will allow louder music up to 12am
  • Music will be played at acceptable levels at our bar/entertainment areas up to 9pm daily
* Day Visitors should book activities IN ADVANCE to avoid disappointment.


*Feel free to get in touch with us for any other information that you may require 76475132


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