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Kwadiwa Ranch is a newly built Safari Lodge situated on the bank of the majestic Limpopo River, cradled in the heart of the wild Tuli Block of Botswana, near Bainsdrift. Our vision is to accommodate and meet each and every one of your needs, as well as share the natural beauty of the Tuli Block with you. We pride ourselves in providing excellent service with well-trained professionals and friendly staff. It is our mission to make your stay an unforgettable experience. We offer various accommodation options to our guests between our two lodges; Kwadiwa Main Lodge and our flagship Fish Eagle Lodge.

Being situated at the heart of the Tuli Block provides ample opportunities for visiting unique attractions such as Solomons Wall and many other Historic Ruins around the lodge. For those of you fishing enthusiasts, one of the best Bass fishing dams, the famous Letsibogo dam, is merely an hour’s drive from us.


You can choose to stay in one of our spacious River Chalets, beautifully furnished Safari Tents, or even bring your own tent and embrace your inner explorer and settle in at one of our excellent campsites!


You won’t be disappointed with any of the mouth-watering dishes from our very own talented chef. Her decadent creations will keep you coming back for more…


We offer a range of facilities to satisfy any of our guests’ requirements. From conferencing, to weddings and even a boardroom. We have what it takes to make any event a success.

About The Tuli Area

The Land of Giants

Kwadiwa Ranch’s Safari Lodge is nestled in the wild and majestic Tuli Block of Botswana; where the landscape is painted with areas of beautiful open grasslands, meadows, magnificently aged trees that frame the riverbanks, large proud boulders and rocky koppies with enormous ancient Baobab trees and flourishing Cacti. The area is well known for it’s spectacular wildlife and one-of-a-kind geographical attractions. Guests have the opportunity to visit unique features such as Solomons Wall, Tswapong and Lepokole Hills.

Migrating populations of Wildebeest, Impala, Kudu and Zebra are prevalent thanks to the Tuli area having very few fences. This allows unrestricted travel for animals along a considerable part of the Limpopo River. The area is also home to local Waterbuck, Bushbuck, Warthog, Hippo, Corocodile and Elephant. We are fortunate enough to have the predator Lion, Cheetah, Leopard. Hyena and African Wild Dog as permanent inhabitants of the area too.

Bird enthusiasts will be delighted by the area’s striking Black Eagles, Lappet-faced Vultures, Martial Eagles, Rollers and Bee-eaters, which are only a few of the popular birds to be seen in the Tuli skies. Bird lovers should also look out for Africa’s biggest native flying bird, the Kori Bustard, as well as tall Saddle-billed Stork, the largest of the African owl; the Giant Eagle Owl, and the 5th heaviest owl in the world; the Pels Fishing Owl, and many more. To give you an idea of the vastness of our outstanding birdlife; the Tuli area is home to around 350 documented species of birds, ready for guests to discover.  

Your inner explorer will surely come out and thrive as you discover all this magical place has to offer!


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